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Maybe that is why I gravitated to photography, who knows. When I started

taking photos it was more for documenting things id want to see later, then it slowly became about

getting the best photos I could. Then I started working with people and it

moved onto giving them the best photo they had seen, I was this way for a few years and

it was a good feeling making a photo for someone that they loved. But this year

I had something new.

This winter I did some boudoir photos for valentines day. I worked with a girl who I had previously

done photos of and it turned out great. we got some great shots, we got to do some

new stuff and we tried some new shots with her. During editing I was really happy

with what we had come up with and I was pretty excited to share it with her. She saw the pics

for the first time and loved them. She told me she couldn't stop looking at them and

talking with her friend who I was to also shoot the next week she told her friend

that those photos made her fall in love with her body all over again. Hearing that someone said

that about the work you do is hard to explain, Here I have all my guy friends

telling me how great what I do is because I get to spend afternoons with half naked woman

and there is nothing I can really say to them that comes close to what really meant

the most to me. To me, knowing I played a part in someone falling back in love with there

body was what mattered. And its what stuck with me to this day.

Her friend was so excited

to come shoot after that and we had a great day as well and I loved how her photos

came out. she was just out of a bad relationship and just doing the photos for herself,

she said she never had done anything like this for herself so it was really cool

to be able to give someone something like that. I realize that being a guy I have to overcome the hurdle

of girls not being comfortable to be in there underwear doing photos with a guy, and then there are the girls

who's boyfriends and husbands couldn't handle them having photos

done by a guy, but I'm hoping I get more chances because it's really cool to make someone

feel good about themselves and help them learn to love who they are as a person,

imperfection's an all.

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Behind the scenes Burlesque shoot https://square1photography.com/blog/2013/12/behind-the-scenes-burlesque-shoot Burlesque time

So I got a chance to do a behind the scenes shoot of Kerri jean photography doing a Burlesque themed shoot and this was not your average photo shoot with a girl or two. This was around 15 models around 5 hair and makeup people. 2 assistants, maybe 3, Kerri and me documenting the day. by day we had the Focus on studio for 8 hours. that is a long day of shooting.  I wound up heading out to Keri's studio ahead of time and picking up some stuff for the shoot and then helping get things loaded in and ready to go.

To be honest my day was easy I had the easy job, I just got to hang out. and shoot photos of the girls and guys in the background and document the day. Some of my friends complain that I have a great job, and on days like this I'll be honest, I agree and find it very hard to argue.

nothing like trying like trying to avoid bad shadows when you have 14 people all tightly together. To be honest I don't know how Kerri does it, finding the looks for each model. the styling the hair the makeup. she had a board with each model with outfit hair makeup so everyone new what they were to look like, she had diagrams of the sets made up so everyone new where they would be shooting, she put a lot of work into this day and it came out great.


So, how many hands do you need to adjust a dress?


Apparently 6 is the answer.


Definitely a tough day for me dealing with these girls always playing around and having fun, tough life I know. But someone has to be there to document the day and I happened to be there.

I came out with a lot of great shots for the day. There was no drama and with 20+ people in a room for 8 hours that's pretty good. I got to work with old friends, meet some new friends and have a good day. Props to Kerri Jean for putting it together and pulling it off and thanks for inviting me out for the day.


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Check out Kerri Jeans page here


and checkout Focus On Studio's here



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The Indianapolis Zoo https://square1photography.com/blog/2014/2/the-indianapolis-zoo A few years ago we started getting a family pass to the Indianapolis zoo (www.indianapoliszoo.com)

and have really enjoyed going a few times a year. Our son Nolan really likes it. Though with his attention span he practically runs thru the place. It's a good sized zoo for small kids because it's not super huge. We usually get thru it in a few hours, worth the trip. but not so big that the kid wears out before were done and back to the car. Sometimes I will bring the camera with me and sometimes I will leave it at home. Nolan (my son) has come to hate the camera because it slows me down cause I'm always taking pictures. I have learned to shoot quickly and get what I can get LOL.


This day worked out pretty well. got some good shots of the eagle and polar bear. The brown bear still was back out but the whole time we watched him his back was to us. He was playing around with a bone and it was great. He just chose to keep his rear to us. Though I suppose if I was on display everyday I would want to eat my meal in piece as well.

Couple of tips for photography at a Zoo, go early, try and get there when they open. At a lot of zoo's this will be feeding time and zoos will feed the animals in a visible spot so you can see what's going on. You can usually call your local zoo and see when feeding times are in case there is a specific animal your trying to photograph, If that is the case go alone, don't drag your kids enjoyment down because you want to catch an animal. (another reason for a pass, you can go for an hour or two in the morning and then head off to work or errands and not worry about any money) A lot of your plains animals and outdoor animals are a lot more active in the mornings because the temperature is still cool out. Once the heat of the day comes out a lot of animals will retreat to sleep or lounge in the shade.

If they are behind a fence try and get close to the fence so the fence winds up being so blurry it's almost not noticeable in photos. and you may find your camera struggling to find focus thru a fence, I will usually just go into manual focus mode and adjust the focus manually to shoot thru the fence. (The shot below was shot thru a fence with wiring running vertically every few inches. You can see some blurring of the fence going left and right across her chest.) I just try and get the face in the center of the fence so none of the face is blurred. And even though these are zoo shots I still try to keep fences and buildings and people out of the background. try and get the photo to look natural, sometimes it can take some maneuvering and jostling to get that spot but it will make the photos look better. If your shooting thru glass I will take my lens visor off the camera and get the camera so it is basically up against the glass. I find the cleanest spot I can and try to be at the animals level so I'm not angled funny and the glass gives you distortion or glare. you can try this if your using flash but 95% of the time I keep flash off, esp. if I'm trying to shoot thru glass. Hopefully this helps you out a bit on your next trip to the zoo. Have fun.


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The Hall family photos https://square1photography.com/blog/2013/12/the-hall-family-photos Hall fall photos

I had met Jeremy earlier in the year doing photos of his Scion and started doing more work for him thruout the summer. He phoned me and said he needed some fall photos of the family. we made arrangements for that Monday. It worked out I was sick Monday and we rescheduled for Friday well along comes Thursday, Halloween and a big line of thunderstorms so Halloween was pushed back till Friday you keeping up so far? So I met them on the West side of Indy so they didn't have such a far drive to get the kids home.



We met at a small park and used as much of it as we could to get some good shots of the family. Two energetic boys, one cheezin for the camera and one not wanting to have anything to do with the camera makes for some fun times. LOL. But we got some shots in, let the boys run in the park some to knock off some of there energy and got shots of them playing. It was a good time and we kept things short so the boys could get to Trick or Treating and so I could get home and take my kid out. All in all with the changeups and everything it worked out really well.


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Ainsley turns 1 https://square1photography.com/blog/2013/12/ainsley-turns-1 Ainsley turns 1

It's fun getting to see someone get bigger and learn new things. I was able to do newborn photos for my good friend's the Falloon's and have since gotten to take 6 months and now 1 year photos of there little cutie Ainsley. To watch kids grow and learn new things. To see them one time and there just learning to sit up on there own and then the next time your able to see them there walking and taking off where ever they can Is amazing.

It's also neat just being in the background and capturing moments of a family at play. When they forget your there and just get caught up in each other it can make for some great photos. I have never been big on standard boring poses. I have never been formal, I'm a jeans and t-shirt kind of guy and being able to just hang out with these 3 and get some photos of there little 1 year joy is a lot of fun. Can't wait to see how much she changes by year 2.


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6 months of fun https://square1photography.com/blog/2014/1/6-months-of-fun Kyrron's first Halloween

Amanda contacted me about getting some shots of her 6 month little boy Kyrron and her boyfriend so we picked a nice fall morning and met out at Forest park, in Noblesville.

Kyrron new what was up and he had his serious face on for the day we did all we could to get the little guy to smile but I think he new he was winning this game. We played in the leaves, let him play with pumpkins and he was all business. Even with his serious face on the kid looked cute as can be in his little monkey suit .



We eventually got him out of his first Halloween costume and into some more relaxed gear and he showed everyone the little cowboy he is going to grow up to be. this made him more happy and we were able to get some great shots of the little guy with his proud mom and dad. soon this little guy will be one and ready to take on the world.


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Jamason's senior year https://square1photography.com/blog/2014/1/jamasons-senior-year  


Jamason's Senior year

I had worked with Jamason's sister in the past and because of that got the call from her mom wanting to get shots of her son Jamason.
 It was out of the blue and they had hoped to get photos that week because Jamason was on fall break. This was Monday and we set a date for Friday morning since I was already shooting later in the day. I love being able to book more then one shoot in a day. Hopefully that trend continues for the years to come.



We met in the morning, it was cold the leaves were turning and starting their fall to the ground and I new the cold weather was coming. Jamason got comfortable in front of the camera and we started shooting as I listened to his mom and girlfriend make fun of him. I almost felt bad for the kid but he took I in strides and gave back what they give out.


We got some shots of him in his vest jacket and some of him in just a t-shirt which I kind of felt bad for him because it was pretty cold out. We finished up out in the field with Jamason sporting his football jersey. I had wanted to try a few neat shots but was fighting again with light issues and was forced to stick with one single flash for the morning so I went another direction with the football shots. Something I have learned while shooting is always have a good variety of shots planned so if one doesn't work you can move right into another sot without issues.

We finished up the morning at the covered bridge and got a few more nice shots before we ended the day. It was good meeting another member of the Wright family and seeing how much fun they have together, I can't wait to get to work with them again.

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Tiffany https://square1photography.com/blog/2013/12/tiffany Tiffany


I got ahold of Tiffany during the fall to work on some sunset shots. I had went out the week before and wasn't really happy with the photos that I had done. Well that's not completely true, they photos came out okay, but I new I could get them a little better in camera. The less editing I have to do the better. I don't spend a ton of time editing, I'd rather try and get it right when I take the photo in the first place and anytime your trying a new technique it takes practice to get right.


I was trying sunset shots with the sun bright and blazing behind my subject, and basically shooting into it. This can give a really hazy dreamy effect that I wanted to get, my first time with these I just had to much backlight coming in and it was getting too hazy for my liking. So today's goal was to get that same hazy effect without going overboard with it.


I had worked with Tiffany before and she was looking to have a good shoot, she was energetic and ready to go and we were laughing and having a good time at potters bridge park. It's amazing how things work out. wanting to work with the sun so of course a half hour before the shoot the clouds roll in and we spent half the time just getting shots waiting for that quick 30 second windows where the sun would pop out and we'd get a few shots. clouds roll back in and we'd joke around, get some shots and wait for that 30 second window again to work on the shots I had came out for.


By the time we were done we maybe got around 2-3 minutes total in the sun like I wanted but I was still able to get some great shots of Tiffany and we had a blast out in the cool fall temperature with her and her two kids. If you like what you see feel free to like me on Facebook.  Square1 Photo


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Coming soon a new addition https://square1photography.com/blog/2013/12/coming-soon-a-new-addition Coming soon a new addition

I got a message from an old coworker about maternity photos of his fiancée I hadn't seen Andy in a year or two other then a few chats on Facebook and it was good to get a chance to hang out with him again and meet his fiancée Randyl and get to know her. She was very excited to have her photos done where as Andy like most guys we had to drag him along for photos LOL.

We met and the house and did some studio shots of them together and then went out to Potters bridge (can you tell by now how much I enjoy this spot) to finish the day out in the field I personally had a blast getting to pick on Andy as I made him pose for photos, but I guess he's to blame for being my friend.



It was great meeting and getting to know Randyl and seeing how happy they are together, it was great getting to hear how they met and fell in love and I can wait to meet there little baby boy when he arrives.If you like what you see feel free to like me on Facebook.  Square1 Photo

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Haylie https://square1photography.com/blog/2013/12/haylie I scheduled Halie with for a next day shoot. Usually don't set things up that quickly but things just seem to workout that way. My kid was about to start his two week break and it was Thursday. so we shot on Friday or we don't shoot for awhile. We hit up Morse lake as the summer was winding down and fall was on it's way. We went out for a morning shoot and enjoyed some really great weather. One of the last few warm days before the Fall rush hit.

Halie was great and a joy to work with. we went around and hit several spots around the lake and got some really nice shots of her before the winter clothes have to come out of the closet.If you like what you see feel free to like me on Facebook.  Square1 Photo

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The wonders of Shaye https://square1photography.com/blog/2013/12/the-wonders-of-shaye I had known about Shaye for awhile, or well new of her. We travelled around the same hobby, cars. She had done modeling for a lot of the local shops, some promotional work done some bikini contest and such and I had wanted to work with her. I got a chance to finally meet her this year at Slamology (www.slamology.com) a huge Indianapolis car show that I help cover for Gauge Magazine (www.gaugemagazine.com) I wound up shooting a  Scion XB for a future cover for the magazine and got to spend some time with Shaye seeing what she wanted to do with herself modeling wise.



It turned out after a discussion that she wanted to do other types of modeling work but only knew about people in the car world so wasn't sure where to start. So I told her we needed to shoot together soon so we can get her some photos that didn't have a car in them. We met early one morning, talking like 7 a.m. which probably wouldn't have been too bad except the day before I was in St. Louis covering a drift event and didn't get home till about 2 in the morning. I got setup, found out my strobe wasn't working properly and thought great, off to a good start. I had the editor of Gauge magazine with me helping out and we switched over to my flash and carried on. And Shaye's mom was there to hang out with us as well.


I had shot at potters bridge(http://www.hamiltoncounty.in.gov/topic/subtopic.php?structureid=23&topicid=314) before and really have come to like this location a lot. several different shots can be done in a small area. Only real downside is fighting for space with other photographers at times. I have counted about a dozen photographers in a 3-4 hour time. Can't complain too much since I'm as much of the problem as them lol. It wasn't crowded this early in the morning so we had the place to ourselves. we got to play in the water. I managed not to drop any gear and didn't soak my phone so that was a plus. we got shots in the water, we got shots in the field. we went up and got shots in the covered bridge which is great to shoot at.


After a few hours we went back to the house to do some studio shots, I wanted to get her several looks to take away from our first shot and I think we came up with some great stuff. So much so that one of her shots is now on my business cards. I can't wait to get more chances to work with Shaye in the future. If you like what you see feel free to like me on Facebook.  Square1 Photo


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The knott's tie the.... well they tied the Knot https://square1photography.com/blog/2013/11/knott-wedding So I received am email from a soon to be bride asking if I was available. Upon discussion I found out she was needing a photographer in 3 weeks, Yikes! It was one of those deals where a friend knew someone who did photos and once that friend didn't work out someone else knew of a friend who did photos, and after trying to reach that person for weeks without response she started to get worried. I happened to be able to switch and event around I was doing for an automotive magazine and make the date, I didn't want her to go without a photographer. I called up my friend Laura up from http://laurajanephotos.com/ and roped her into being my Second photographer. She had said she was thinking about doing some wedding photography so I thought this was the perfect event to wet her feet so to speak.



I met with Monica and got the details of there big day. In her words it was going to be a wedding/house warming/beer fest. I mean how can you go wrong with that! Monica's other half was assistant brew master at the Ram Brewery in downtown Indianapolis so you know the beer was going to be good as well. To add to the fun and the chaos they were in the middle of renovating part of the house as well as adding a bar in the basement. talk about keeping yourself busy.



The ceremony was small, held in there front yard with close friends and there rescued great Dane as ring bearer. After the ceremony everyone adjourned to the kitchen and backyard and newly renovated bar in the basement for food, drink and fun. It was a great day for a great couple and I wish them the best of luck in everything they do.If you like what you see feel free to like me on Facebook.  Square1 Photo


Congratulations Chris and Monica Knott


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Absence https://square1photography.com/blog/2013/11/absence So, Yeah, I haven't blogged in ohhhh around 5 or so months. Told you I wasn't very good at this, takes time to get into a groove and apparently when I get busy with photography blogging goes right out the window. That is something I will have to try harder on incase anyone out there is following me (probably not LOL). So some of you may know I do a lot of automotive photography and this summer kept me very busy doing photos for two magazines as well as for myself. I was out in St. Louis twice, Chicago, Louisville, Columbus, Detroit. So I was staying super busy. and I blame that on my lack of blogging.


So as the summer started winding down I was doing less automotive and started doing a lot more people. Had a wedding in September, a few family shoots, baby shoots, maternity and have gotten back into doing photo shoots with models to work on my skills and to help there portfolio's out so I have a ton of new stuff I'm showing off.  I'm hoping to start blogging the next few weeks, get caught up on everything that has been going on. Just every time I say that a new job or two comes in that gets me back behind the camera and behind the computer editing. I can't complain though, I never thought I would get that busy and it's nice to see all my hard work turning into A lot more paid jobs. But I promise to do better to keep everyone updated on what's going on.If you like what you see feel free to like me on Facebook.  Square1 Photo

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Brauchla wedding https://square1photography.com/blog/2013/5/brauchla-wedding Heather and Andrew's big day.



I never wanted to do weddings. I said it was one thing I would never do. Didn't want the hassle, the stress. the pressure to get the shot because there are no do-overs. And then I roped myself into shooting a friends wedding and I was hooked. When Stephen of Stephen Wiggins Photography contacted me about helping shoot Heather and Andrews wedding I jumped at the chance to get another wedding under my belt.


The day started off cold and Windy. It should have been comfortable and warm out but this is what happens when you plan weddings, things change. all the outdoor spots for the most part had to be changed and we had to find locations indoors due to the wind. I think we did a good job of getting people moved around and getting some wonderful shots of the couple and there wedding party. All in all it was a great day. weddings are always such a stressful time for the bride and groom. And it is always nice when you get to the reception and all the planned out events are over with and they can just enjoy themselves.



I wish you two the best and that you bring each other  joy and happiness thruout your life together.



And couldn't end this blog without throwing in a photo of these two cuties.


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Tattoo in the making https://square1photography.com/blog/2013/3/tattoo-in-the-making  


So I met up with a close friend Kendra and got a chance to get some photos of a new chest piece being done by her tattoo artist Clint Minnich at his shop The Old Horse Tattoo Company http://www.oldhorsetattoo.com/Old_Horse_Tattoo_Company/Welcome.html

It was my first time meeting Clint and seeing his shop since my first and only tattoo (so far) was done almost 20 years ago. (yeah time fly's).

So I set up and watched as Clint finished up the piece and prepared to put the stencil on, I liked how he looked at it very critically and redid it just to make sure it was exactly where they wanted it to go.

Once the placement was set and they were sure it was where it needed to be there was no turning back. We were in for about a three and a half hour session just for the outline alone.



This was just the first session. we will go back again where i will document the coloring and shading and then another session where the center piece will be filled in as well. It was neat seeing the concentration on Clint as he made sure he hit every line and curve just right and it was great to be able to capture this on my camera.



So stay tuned for a few more blogs as we finish up Kendra's tattoo at the Old Horse Tattoo Company and if you need a Tattoo and are near Chesterfield, Indiana give Clint a call or stop in and get some work done. If your on facebook like his business and tell him Square1 photography sent you.


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If your into Roller derby or just would like to find out more about it stop over at Kendra Harless page and like her page



she is the captain and jammer for the Bashing bombshells and plays on the east coast roller derby in Anderson

find them here



[email protected] (Square1 Photography) bashing bombshell derby noblesville photographer roller tattoo https://square1photography.com/blog/2013/3/tattoo-in-the-making Fri, 29 Mar 2013 01:30:00 GMT
6 month cutie https://square1photography.com/blog/2013/3/6-month-cutie

I got called back out to the Falloon's a few weeks back to get some updated photos of Ainsley for her 6 month photos. It's amazing how much and how fast kids grow. Ainsley had about doubled in size since I last saw her and she was in a great mood. All smiles and looking around at anything that caught her attention. She made things easy and we finished up way quicker then I had expected making my job for the day quite easy.



I always get a joy watching doting dad Brian with little Ainsley because his eyes always light up and he always gets a smile on his face when he looks at her.


www.ngaphoto.com 2015 Georgia Federation of Saddle Clubs Championship Horse Show

The family couldn't be happier about little Ainsley and I hope I get a chance to keep photographing her down the line as she gets older. Things should get real interesting at her 1 year photos if shes walking around. because she doesn't look like someone who will want to stay in one place for long.If you like what you see feel free to like me on Facebook.  Square1 Photo

[email protected] (Square1 Photography) Falloon Noblesville baby newborn photographer https://square1photography.com/blog/2013/3/6-month-cutie Mon, 25 Mar 2013 20:45:00 GMT
New found gem Adilynn https://square1photography.com/blog/2013/1/new-found-gem-adilynn


Well after several months of trying to find some time to work with Adilynn it finally

happened. She found some time to come down to the house and have some photos

done. she hadn't really done much for the last few years since she just

had twins a little over a year ago. Yep you heard it right, this beauty is

also mom to a pair of beautiful kids. So this was kind of a coming out

shoot for her getting her feet wet again so to speak.



We had a great time

trying out some diffrent shots and all in all just having a good day. I can't

wait to have her out to the house again for another session.If you like what you see feel free to like me on Facebook.  Square1 Photo

[email protected] (Square1 Photography) Indianapolis Noblesville boudoir carmel fishers modeling photography portraits senior https://square1photography.com/blog/2013/1/new-found-gem-adilynn Wed, 16 Jan 2013 02:15:00 GMT
Destiny's first time https://square1photography.com/blog/2013/1/destinys-first-time  



Destiny came to me from another model friend. This was her first time ever being in front of the camera and she was a bit nervous

but after some time relaxing and getting more into the shoot she started getting the hang of things and enjoying herself. I

look forward to working with her again in a few weeks and helping her along on the modeling path.


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[email protected] (Square1 Photography) Indianapolis fashion indiana modeling noblesville photographer photos senior https://square1photography.com/blog/2013/1/destinys-first-time Sun, 13 Jan 2013 02:00:00 GMT
One additional Falloon https://square1photography.com/blog/2013/1/one-additional-falloon DMS_3061


I have known the Falloons for a few year's having previously worked with Brian in the past. We had talked a few times about getting together to do some family shots but nothing every came around, and then Abigail became pregnant. Next thing you know I was at their house to take photos of there new addition Ainsley. This was my first time shooting a baby, something I wasn't even sure I wanted to do, Wasn't sure if kids were my strong suite. But im glad I did. The first rainy photo session was okay, but I don't settle for okay so I came back the next week to make sure I could give them what they deserved. In the end we were able to give them some wonderful pictures of there two week old bundle of joy. Congradulations you two.

Even one of their 3 dogs got in on the picutre taking fun.



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FCA-CIC.org Ferarri meet in Noblesville https://square1photography.com/blog/2012/6/fca-cic-org-ferarri-meet-in-noblesville  



So for the last few years the Fearrari club of America Central Indiana chapter  ( http://www.fca-cic.org/

hosts there Ferarri meet in Noblesville with the help of Matteo's italian resteraunt

(http://matteosindy.com/ check them out for some great italian food). This years meet had a great

showing of Fearrai's stretching from Logan street all the way down to Conner Street. Around 15-20

Ferarrri's made it out. Also I believe the Hoosier Hooligans, a local Ducati Bike forum joined in the

mix (http://www.hoosierhooligans.org/forum/index.php) as well as a Lotus club, I believe they

were members of lotus talk forum but i'm not positive (http://www.lotustalk.com/) I apologise if it

was some other group, If I got it wrong or missed anyone please feel free to email me and I will

correct it.


I of course was with the family so I didn't have as much time as I would have liked and although

I generally don't like to photo cars when there parked in this tight situation, I felt the need to get

some photos. Not to often you get the chance to capture this many Ferarri's in one place. Beautiful

weather and beautiful cars and bikes brought out the people, I found it quite challenging to get as

much of the car in without getting everyone in attendance in the shot as well. It was a great time,

it was great seeing all the cars, great seeing all the people downtown and seeing them eating and

shopping during the event. it was just a really good time. Now if I could just get a few of these

Ferarri, Lotus or Ducati owners to come out for some one on one Photoshoots.


find the rest of the shots on my website at


or facebook



[email protected] (Square1 Photography) Ferrari Matteos Noblesville meet photographer photography square1 https://square1photography.com/blog/2012/6/fca-cic-org-ferarri-meet-in-noblesville Thu, 07 Jun 2012 14:48:54 GMT
The wonderful Miss April https://square1photography.com/blog/2012/5/the-wonderful-miss-april Miss April



Miss April and one of her wonderful friends came and met me at Founders park in

Fishers, Indiana the other week so we could add some new photos to her growing

portfolio. Founders park is relativly new and I had stopped there with my son

a few months back and saw a great little lake that I immedietly wanted to shoot




The spot i wanted specifically was something I had to shoot with the sun

setting. so we started out around the lake taking shots here and there, for me,

really just watching the sun get lower and lower before I headed to my spot.

The lighting was giving me some issues because as the sun was going down I was

adjusting to match until we got a few good colorful shots in. the water, the tall

reeds behind her and the setting sun made for some wonderful pictures

and I'm very happy for the way they turned out. April and her friend/MUA were great to

work with and i'm sorry to see them move out of state.

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Family photoshoot with Tony and kids. https://square1photography.com/blog/2012/5/family-photoshoot-with-tony-and-kids


So I met Tony and his two kids at Potters BridgeI have lived in Noblesville

for almost 9 years now and I have never made it out here. I should have gotten

out here sooner instead of later. We had a good time trying out various

spots and getting some shots of the kids in.

We found a nice field to stop at and grab some pictures before we headed downtown,

downtown noblesville that is.

we then headed to town and although I have only shot there a few times

I am beginning to see how popular the spot is. When we arrived

at the alley I wanted to shoot at there was allready an

engagement photo session going on. We waited for them to leave and then

had our turn in the alley where we noticed another photographer waiting

to hit the spot. Once done talking to her she had said the previous day there had

been a line 3 photographers deep waiting for that spot. I'm thinking its time for me

to find a diffrent spot.  We got our shots though and called it a day.

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coming soon Tony Z. & kids join Square1 photography @ Potter Bridge in Noblesville, In. https://square1photography.com/blog/2012/5/coming-soon-tony-z-kids-join-square1-photography-potter-bridge-in-noblesville-in

[email protected] (Square1 Photography) (photoshoot Indiana Noblesville Potters bridge) photographer square1photography square1photography.com https://square1photography.com/blog/2012/5/coming-soon-tony-z-kids-join-square1-photography-potter-bridge-in-noblesville-in Wed, 16 May 2012 12:15:00 GMT
Photoshoot with Ross Reagan https://square1photography.com/blog/2012/5/photoshoot-with-ross  

Ross Reagon at Forest Park , Noblesville, Indiana with Square1 photography.comTalana and Paul -40

So Ross and I got together last week to help update his portfolio and update mine as well. My site has been getting a bit one-sided with the ladies so I thought this would be a good oppurtunity to start evening out the site some. So we headed out to Morse lake, then hit up Forest park and finshed up the night in downtown Noblesville



I have been doing pretty standard editing with my photos but with Ross I just really felt like the B&W images and the Desaturated images went rather well with his look. We were both quite happy with how they turned out.


Downtown Noblesville, Indiana with Ross Reagon and Square1 photography


We finished off the night in one of the Noblesville alleys. Probably one of the cleanest nicest alleys ive been in and one that is quite popular with the local photographers.


Downtown Noblesville alley with Square1 photography

All in all it was a good night of shooting, even after the big gust of wind blew my flash to the ground. I have to give props to Nikon,

my SB-900 flash has now hit the ground twice from falls of around 5-8 feet and is still working like the day I bought it.If you like what you see feel free to like me on Facebook.  Square1 Photo


[email protected] (Square1 Photography) (photoshoot Reagan Ross and square1photography square1photography.com) with https://square1photography.com/blog/2012/5/photoshoot-with-ross Tue, 15 May 2012 16:34:55 GMT